Coral Adventure


The 6 paths Coral Adventure set can be arranged on the floor, stacked, and connected using the coral-shaped connectors provided.

Each path has two distinct sides—one lined and the other with bubbles.

The coral-shaped connector pieces serve a dual purpose as individual elements or connectors, allowing for versatile layouts such as straights, curves, or intersections.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the connectors can be effortlessly pulled out of the paths by children.


Featuring different colors, the connectors enable teachers or supervisors to establish routes and set rules, fostering activities like crossing green connectors without touching them. The paths can be positioned at varying heights, challenging children to demonstrate their balance and coordination skills. The different patterns and notches on the paths stimulate the soles of the children’s feet, enhancing sensory experiences.

Encouraging creativity, the modular design allows children to envision and create new paths collaboratively. The set includes 6 paths (3 dark blue, 3 light blue) and 18 connectors (9 green, 9 red), with a maximum load capacity of 60 kg.

The Coral Adventure design draws inspiration from Chinese oriental martial arts, providing a unique balance challenge for children. The Columns, when utilized, allow children to stand balanced on one foot, promoting the development of coordination. By inserting or pulling out the Coral Columns from the paths, children enhance their hand-eye coordination.

Coral Adventure Path is a combination of gross motor activities, such as walking on a balance beam, and fine motor activities involving the manipulation of Coral Columns. The double-sided design of the paths, featuring bubbles, holes, and rippled patterns, offers varied stimulations for the children. Coral Columns can be attached to create different walking routes at various heights and serve as barriers for additional balancing challenges.

With a superior design allowing for multiple routes, including straight lines, curves, and crosses, the Coral Adventure set provides an engaging and imaginative play experience.

The adorable fish, shell, bubble, and wave patterns create an ocean-themed scenario for dramatic play. The set includes 6 paths (3 blue, 3 light blue) and 18 Coral Columns (9 red, 9 green), with a maximum load capacity of 60 kg.


Dimensions: Path: 75 x 23 x 5.5 cm, connector: 10.3 x 5.5 x 4.5 cm
From 1.5 years

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