Clever Little Handies: Baby Sign


Are you ready to unlock the world of communication with your little one?

Say hello to “Clever Little Handies: Baby Sign” – the perfect companion for parents and caregivers looking to connect with their babies in a whole new way!


We already know babies can communicate with their hands before they can talk; they can wave; they can clap; they can point.

They have the dexterity in their hands to formulate signs long before they have the muscle dexterity in their mouths to form words.

By teaching them sign language from an early age they will have a vocabulary to use, even if they’re not formulating words yet.


Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your bond with your little one.

Order “Clever Little Handies: Baby Sign” today and embark on an exciting journey of communication and connection!

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  • Teach your baby to communicate before they can talk!
  • Explore fun and easy-to-learn signs together!
  • Engage with adorable illustrations and clear instructions!
  • Watch as your baby’s confidence and vocabulary grow!

Board Book – 15 pages

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