A volcano in My Tummy


Helping Children to Handle Anger by Eliane Whitehouse & Warwick Pudney, a Resource Book for Parents, Caregivers and Teachers.

This instant best-seller offers new and creative approaches to help children learn to handle their anger so that they can lead successful, healthy, happy, and non violent lives.

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Full of stories, exercises, and easy-to-use games designed to encourage children to see their anger and to deal with it constructively.

Using easy to understand yet rarely taught skills for anger management, including how to teach communication of emotions,

A Volcano in My Tummy offers engaging, well-organised activities which help to overcome the fear of children’s anger which many adult caregivers experience.

By carefully distinguishing between anger the feeling, and violence the behaviour, this accessible little book, primarily created for ages 6 to 15, helps to create an awareness of anger, enabling children to relate creatively and harmoniously at critical stages in their development.

Through activities, stories, articles, and games designed to allow a multi-subject, developmental approach to the topic at home and in school, A Volcano in My Tummy gives us the tools we need to put aside our problems with this all-too-often destructive emotion, and to have fun while we’re at it.

Contains reproducible participant worksheets.

Soft cover, 80 pages.

Ages: 6-15

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