Managing Emotions and Challenging Behaviour – A Regulation Perspective

Online Webinar: Wednesday 27th March at 7pm


Many children present with challenging behaviours that sometimes leave us stumped and wondering what on earth has happened! This workshop will help you to identify some of reasons why your child may be presenting with challenging behaviours and will provide you with some strategies to help them to manage their feelings. Sensory Regulation refers to the nervous systems ability to regulate, organise and prioritize incoming sensory information, inhibiting irrelevant  information and prioritising relevant information. This allows a child to respond appropriately and effectively to sensory stimuli in their environment and thus achieve and sustain an appropriate level of arousal, i.e. to focus and engage effectively. Difficulty with Sensory Regulation can impact on emotion regulation. Emotion regulation is our ability to understand and manage how we feel and how we respond to situations in every day life. It impacts our interactions with others and with our environments. The inability to self-regulate can lead to behaviours such as anger/aggression, withdrawal or anxiety. As a result, children who struggle to maintain emotional regulation may have difficulties forming relationships, learning at school, transitioning between tasks and environments, and more. It is important for children to learn the skill of regulating their emotions so that they can thrive in their day-to-day lives.


Workshop Objectives:

  • Highlight the difference between sensory regulation and emotional regulation and their impacts on everyday life and interactions.
  • Understand what impacts on a child’s sensory and emotional regulation – back to basics and more
  • Understand the difference between a meltdown and a tantrum
  • Introduce different levels of regulation to support children in developing regulation skills.
  • Understand co-regulation.
  • Help parents to understand and achieve regulation for themselves in order to co-regulate children with emotion regulation difficulties.
  • Identify triggers within the environment that may lead to emotional outbursts.
  • Help children to identify what emotions they are feeling and use ways to express their emotions.
  • Introduce strategies to support sensory regulation and tools that children can use to achieve self-regulation.
  • Introduce behaviour management strategies for parents to manage tantrums/anger outbursts.


Who will benefit from attending this workshop:

  • Parents who identify that their child:
    • Has frequent outbursts/tantrums or meltdowns
    • Has difficulty expressing themselves
    • Has difficulty regulating their emotion and behaviour
  • Parents who want to improve their ability to identify emotions both in themselves and in their children, and support their children in developing the skills needed for sensory and emotional regulation.


Workshop Presenter:

Maxine McClean, Paediatric Occupational Therapist Team Leader


Maxine is the Therapy Team Leader at Sensational Kids, Child Development centre in Kildare.  Maxine is an experienced, sensory trained, Paediatric Occupational Therapist who completed her Occupational Therapy degree at the University of Pretoria in 2014.

Maxine is also a qualified Ayres Sensory Integration Practitioner, having completed the Ayres Sensory Integration Training, which is a research based, accredited and internationally recognised qualification in sensory integration.

Maxine has a passion for working with children and has specialised in paediatrics since 2016. Her goal as a therapist is to support children through the learning process and assist them in developing the skills needed to perform purposeful activities in everyday life.

Maxine has a special interest in sensory integration and infant development and has completed additional training including Ayres Sensory Integration Training and Ignite Core Training Program for neonatal therapists.


Workshop Cost: €30


This workshop will be delivered on Zoom and will last approx. 1 hour from 7-8pm

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Event Date: 27-03-2024
Event Price: €30
€ 30

Managing Emotions and Challenging Behaviour Webinar March 2024