Saturday October 22nd 2022

10 am – 12 noon

At Sensational Kids, Unit F2 Kildare Business Park, Melitta Road, Kildare Town


Brief Description of the Workshop

This workshop will be given by Mary Connell, Founder of Bright Sparks Learning Centre Portlaoise and Reading Teacher for dyslexia at Sensational Kids since it’s opening in 2009.

Mary has worked as a Primary Learning  support and Montessori teacher, but has specialized in teaching children with reading difficulties, mainly dyslexia related over the past number of years.

She has helped countless numbers of children particularly with Dyslexia to read fluently, and to achieve their full academic potential .


Purpose of this Dyslexia Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to help parents and teachers identify the early signs and symptoms of Dyslexia and to learn a simple and effective program to solve those reading problems early.


Workshop Objectives

This workshop will provide the parent with the skills  and materials to effectively teach your child to read early and to also recognise the symptoms and signs of reading difficulties by the end of Junior Infants.

The course aims and objectives are to


  1. Highlight the child’s dyslexic issues for the parents.


  1. Provide parents with key information on dyslexia .


  1. Set parents up with some practical  approaches they can implement with their child at home.


  1. Present a plan for parents to assist their child early and so avoid a negative reading experience in Senior Infants and First Class .

To implement these  objectives a resource pack will be provided to each parent and is included in the workshop cost .


This resource  pack consists of 5 Sound Reading Workbooks to  show parents  how to teach each sound to their child . Each workbook also  introduces the child to using a whiteboard to learn how to write each letter correctly with Sound Writing.


The sounds are taught in conjunction with a matching game that each parent will have in their resource pack . This activity will be reinforced with a video of “The Matching Sound Game ” 1-5 .


The sounds are further reinforced by an illustration  on each page of the Sound Reading book , on how to shape our mouth to make the sound .


We then  introduce the “Sound Blending Book” ,how to use it ,  and the benefits of its use to the child  when they are able to work out the words from saying the words quickly .


Also in the Resource pack is the “Moveable Alphabet ” – where we show the parent how to break this up in alphabetical order and then build words . This is complimented with a video demonstration .


The resource pack also has a Dice Board and dice to play a game for two children  , using the words they have learned to blend the sounds into words.


We also introduce our  puppet –  “A Cat in a Bag”  ( not part of the resource pack but an optional purchase)


The child can use this to improve their handwriting of the 7 letters beginning with the C sound ie – C O A D G Q  This too is illustrated with a video and shows the difference between Cursive and  Print , Capitals and Lower Case.


The parent will be given  a Universal Link to a company that sells Beginners Books  and Workbooks for Phonetic Reading .




Who will benefit from attending this Dyslexia Workshop

This workshop would be highly beneficial for

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • SNAs
  • Health Care Professionals


Course Cost

The cost to to attend this workshop includes the workshop pack

  • Early Bird Rate available until Sunday 25th September 2022 €45
  • Regular Rate 26th September – 16th October 2022 €50
  • Late Booking Rate for bookings made on or after 17th October 2022 €55

Places are strictly limited and must be booked online in advance


All proceeds from this workshop are being donated to Sensational Kids so you kind support is very much appreciated.  

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Event Date: 22-10-2022
Event Price: €50.00
€ 50.00

Dyslexia – Early Intervention Workshop for Educators & Parents