Workbook for K C Phoneme


An easy to use workbook for parents, therapists, teachers and pre-school teachers to use with children who have articulation/speech delay or disorders.

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If your child has problems saying words with K/C, then this is the book for him/her.

Step by step instructions. So easy to follow!

Suitable for children aged 4yrs. onwards.


Illustrations are cartoon like drawings with added quirkiness which appeal to children.

Designed for use while your child waits for / or attends therapy.


Workbook content:

  • Comprehensive Instructions on how to say each sound for speech
  •  Illustration page
  •  Practice sheets at phoneme level
  •  Practice sheets blending phoneme and vowels
  •  Practice sheets at word level
  •  Practice sheets at phrase level
  •  Carryover worksheets at sentence level
  •  Quiz
  •  Word search


Suitable for home, school, clinics, montessori and pre-schools.

Your child can also enjoy colouring each page!  Irish Design.


80 Pages


Size: 20.5 cm x 14.5 cm (A5)

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