Wipe Clean Math Books


The pages are wipe-clean for endless practice and great for developing pen control.



  • Wipe-clean adding

Children can practise basic addition using numbers up to 20 in this educational activity book, with wipe-clean pages to allow endless practice.

  • Telling Time

A fun way for children to master the art of telling the time, allowing them to complete the activities over and over again using the special wipe-clean pen.

With the help of a hoard of friendly monsters, the basics of telling the time are explained clearly and simply, with fun activities to consolidate learning, including helping to schedule a ‘Monster day’and delivering the monster mail on time.

Introduces telling the hour, half hour and quarter hour on both digital and analogue clocks.

  • Fractions

The activities in this book build confidence in using equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, and finding fractions of amounts.

  • Money

Join the friendly monsters and complete a variety of fun activities, including coin counting, buying snacks, visiting the monster market and more.

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Adding, Telling Time, Fractions, Money, Subtraction