Wipe-Clean Fact Family Boards


Build number fact fluency with boards designed in the familiar triangle format.


Double-sided, wipe-clean boards focus on addition/subtraction on one side and multiplication/division on the reverse.

Support algebraic skills such as equations, the commutative property and problem solving.

Children with Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, slow processing, memory problems and general learning difficulties often learn without flexibility in their learning.

For instance they will eventually learn that 6+4=10 but this does not teach them that 10-4=6. 9×6=54 and using the same numbers, 54 divided by 9 = 6.

Learning their addition, subtraction, take away and multiplication in the maths triangle teaches them this flexibility beautifully.

It leads gently into the understanding of algebraic equations!!

Boards measure 25cm H. Set of 5.