Weighted Hand Roller


An innovative sensory and fidget tool for teenagers and adults.

This small and compact roller rotates effortlessly in your hand and engages your fingers in full-motion.

Includes Storage Case.


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Helps Relieve Stress – Ideal for your work desk or home office, this handheld fidget toy can help massage muscles, relieve anxiety and tension, and improve dexterity.

Find Focus and Clarity – The soothing, satisfying feel and near-thoughtless motion combine to help your mind stay on task while keeping fidgeting under control.

Limit Bad Habits – Keeping your hand busy with our sensory fidget tool can help minimize annoying habits, such as nail biting, restless leg, or checking your phone.

Compact, Portable Design – Crafted with aircraft grade aluminum, the frictionless, noiseless rolling helps you find balance and comfort even in busy, crowded areas.


Dimensions: 3.29” x 1.75” x 0.85”


Small parts.
Not suitable for children under 12.

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