Weighted Cat -1.900 kg


This weighted cat is as functional as it is cute!

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Gentle, comforting pressure allows the user to feel more grounded, focused, and secure.

For use at home, school, or during therapy.

This snugly wee cutie weights around 1900 gr (give or take a few grams) and is approx 45 cm long.

Weighted toys and blankets are used as part of occupational therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, stress, ADHD, anxiety, restless legs and other Sensory Disorders and can also be great for older patients in nursing homes too.

The therapeutic use of weight and deep pressure to the muscles and joints allows the central nervous system to interpret and integrate proprioceptive and tactile input.

The main reasons for using weighted products are to calm, improve focus and attention, improve body awareness and to decrease sensory seeking behaviours.  They have been invaluable in the treatment of children who do not properly process sensory stimuli.


Spot clean with a damp cloth where necessary.  DO NOT put in the dryer or the microwave.  Please ensure you regularly inspect for any damage to the animal.

Please consult with your therapist before starting any type of weighted therapy.