Weighted Body Blankets Washable


The weighted blanket provides a deep, calming pressure for children who are anxious or need help to regulate themselves to a more relaxed state.

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The weight of this large cosy blanket enhances sensory integration and is filled with Non-toxic Poly Pellets to make it hand-washable.

  • Weight 10lb   Dimensions 41″ x 60″
  • Weight 15lb   Dimensions 41″ x 72″

Hand Washable


Assessing safe weight

One of the generally accepted principles of calculating the correct blanket weight is to take 10% of the user’s body weight and then add a pound.  E.g. – if you have a child that weighs 5 stone this equates to 70lbs (5 x 14lbs).  Take 10% of  70 lbs = 7lbs add a further 1 = 8lb blanket.

Additional information

Weight 0.3000 lbs

7lb, 10lb, 15lb

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