Weighted Blanket 5lb


With its soothing texture (fleece), green color and the weight evenly distributed throughout each of the 108 squares, it is the blanket you won’t ever want to share.

An ideal calmer for sensory seekers and those needing weight to organize.



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This is by far the softest weighted blanket in the market!

Made in a soft, breathable material to reduce potential overheating for the child, this weighted blanket is ideal for those who need help with calming down, relaxing and sleeping.

It can be used in a range of home or school settings – for example, as a calming strategy at school, in the car, or for helping with settling off to sleep.

Hand wash only.

  • Blanket Weight 5lb

Safety and careful monitoring is a priority.

This weighted blanket should be used at the direction of a professional therapist or by a caregiver who has been advised and trained in its use and application.

Careful supervision is advised to ensure appropriate and safe use. It is advised that weighted equipment should be no more than 5-10% of the child’s body weight.


Assessing safe weight

One of the generally accepted principles of calculating the correct blanket weight is to take 10% of the user’s body weight and then add a pound.  E.g. – if you have a child that weighs 5 stone this equates to 70lbs (5 x 14lbs).  Take 10% of  70 lbs = 7lbs add a further 1 = 8lb blanket.


Weights can not be removed.

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