Tri Chew XT Green



If you have a pupil who chews constantly on inappropriate and unsafe items, offer this as a substitute.

It is covered in ridges and bumps and so gives varying stimulation and is great to hold and fiddle with in the hands too.

If you find that the child chews and clamps their jaw down hard onto the Tri-Chew, they may also be seeking deep pressure around their jaw.

Terrific new triangular-shaped chews with a medley of five different textures on their sides/tips that provide marvelous sensory input to tongue, lips, gums, and little fingers! Stimulating ridges, swirls, and bumps on the tips replicate varying textures of food.

The Green XT Tri Chews are a bit “tougher” than the standard Tri-Chews (blue), but aren’t for aggressive chewing.

Pliable, easy-grasp, non-flavoured chews. Latex free

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Weight 0.3000 lbs
Dimensions 0.0000 cm