The Scared Gang Box of Books by Eadaoin Bhreathnach


The Scared GangWritten by Éadaoin Bhreathnach.Occupational Therapist & Attachment Counsellor.


Each character represents a different pattern and tells children how they can self regulate through the use of food and sensory-based activities.

  • Wary Wanda represents hyper-vigilance. She is constantly on the alert for possible danger.
  • Frightened Fred represents the fear behaviours; startle, cry out, and cling.
  • Run-Away Ronnie represents the emotionally reactive flight pattern. He runs away in the hope that adults will become more protective towards him.
  • Busy Beatrice represents the emotionally avoidant flight pattern. She keeps herself busy to avoid dealing with her true feelings.
  • Fired-Up Freda represents the fight pattern. She becomes angry with others when she is frightened.
  • Frozen Frank represents the emotionally reactive freeze pattern. He becomes resistant -defiant when he is asked to do something that frightens him.
  • Frozen Florence represents the emotionally avoidant freeze pattern. She compulsively complies when she is fearful, but when she is left alone she quietly goes her own way.
  • Day-Dreamy Derek represents the cut out/dissociation pattern. He daydreams to escape from feeling stressed.
  • Sleepy Sue represents the shutdown pattern. She falls asleep when things become too much for her.


Also available

  • “The Scared Gang go to the Seaside”: a single story featuring all 9 Scared Gang Characters on a day out. The story illustrates the regulating properties of food and play. 
  • The Scared Gang Playing Cards: a set of 9 pairs of picture playing cards featuring the Scared Gang Characters at play. Suitable for “Memory” and other matching games.

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