The Original Snap Beads

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Colorful and textured snap together beads with a release pressure suitable for 1 year and older.

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Sensory Snap Beads have such simplicity which encourages repetitive play that babies and children love while stimulating visual development and eye-hand coordination.

Hand your child a bead and immediately it becomes their favourite teether – the ends of the beads are perfect for sore gums.

Builds Gross- and Fine-Motor Skills when your baby grasps them and pushes the beads together.

Dump the beads on the floor and watch him work on eye-hand coordination by putting the Sensory Snap Beads back in their bucket.

Highly pronounced lumps and bumps for an easy, sensory grip. 

Helps develop:

  • fine motor skills
  • logic
  • reasoning
  • hand eye coordination
  • tactile sensory development


This set includes:

  • 14 soft plastic sensory Snap Beads come in an easy clean up jar.

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