The Famous Hat

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Using only child friendly language that children can relate to and understand along with colourful illustrations, this book is a perfect companion for any child facing this difficult situation.

Treatment for childhood cancer can be very difficult to cope with, especially for very young children. A stay in hospital, having to contend with drips, tubes and injections is difficult enough without the possibility of hair loss for children to face. However, this book helps children to see the experience of a child that they can easily relate to. Harry not only enjoys his stay in hospital and makes new friends, but he also overcomes any fears of losing his hair. Most importantly, the book shows children that this experience is only temporary; it is not a permanent part of their lives. It assures them that there will be a time where their hair will start to grow back and they will leave the hospital and return home.

The book also gives parents an opportunity to discuss the visit to hospital and the treatment with their child by comparing their experience to Harry. It could be used with any children who have to go into hospital for treatment.


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