Talking to Friends


Recognise different ways of saying ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’.


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This book is full of:

  • short exercises,
  • drawings,
  • lists and
  • useful charts for the child to practise
      1. opening,
      2. closing,
      3. switching topic
      4. continuing a conversation with someone.

List the topics they know something about and those which they need to brush up on. Chat about what different signs can mean in a conversation.

Analyse what it means to have a friend, what type of friend they are and wish for and how he/she can change etc…

Help the older child start to gain insight into the language around having friends and how conversations can develop between friends.

Friendships can lead to a day that may be fun, loving, uplifting, an emotional roller coaster, energetic, educational and much more.

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