Surf Jamz Cd Not modified



It is a great selection for motivating a child during vestibular and core-based activities.

The simple, repetitive rhythms of the instrumentals on Surf Jamz facilitate postural organization, body movement, core activation, and timing and sequencing.

You’ll love it as much as your clients do!


16 Songs:

  1. Fun, Fun, Fun
  2. California Sun
  3. Help Me Rhonda
  4. Green Onions
  5. Sleepwalk
  6. Watermelon Man
  7. Hawaii Five-O
  8. Church Key
  9. Surfin’ USA
  10. Surfin’ Safari
  11. Surfin’ Bird
  12. Surf Rider
  13. Wipe Out
  14. Walk Don’t Run
  15. Pipeline
  16. Telstar

Total Playing Time: 52:04


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