Special Children, Challenged Parents


When a child is born, family life changes forever. If that child has special needs, the changes can seem overwhelming.

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Special Children, Challenged Parents shares the unique perspective of a father of a son with autism, with additional reflection from his perspective as a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with families of children with disabilities.
This moving book illustrates the impact that a child’s disability has on the entire family. It is a valuable aid to parents dealing with fear, guilt, shame, sibling rivalry, marital strain, and other challenges. Though the author’s personal experience is with autism, this book will be a valuable resource for families of children with a wide range of disabilities. Readers learn about resources, such as support groups, for working through complex emotions and about techniques for communicating effectively with professionals.
Special Children, Challenged Parents addresses issues of bonding between parent and child and presents strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour. Additional chapters are devoted to special issues for the family of a child with a disability, including the relationship between the parents, the effect on siblings, and the needs of fathers, who the author feels often require special support to express and deal with their emotions in the challenging role of parent to a child with special needs. This book provides a unique and touching look at parenting and disability.

‘I think we have a lot to share about the meaning of our lives together, Tariq. It can be so full and rich amid all the difficulties. It will never fit completely in any book. It’s a matter of the heart.’
-From the Prologue


What are the daily blessings and challenges that await parents when their child is not who they expected?
How can they deal with their complex emotions, build a relationship with their special child, and maintain family unity?
Dr Robert A. Naseef, a professional psychologist and father of a son with autism, answers these critical questions with keen insight and honesty. Special Children, Challenged Parents is both a father’s intensely personal journey and an invaluable professional guide for parents of children with disabilities.

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