Smart Toss Bean Bag Activity Set


  • Get the party started with this 4-in-1 fun Bean Bag games set!
  • Includes bean bags, a wipe-clean vinyl board that folds flat for storage, and an Activity Guide.

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Invites players to either create their own game or match colours, shapes or numbers by tossing bean bags through holes.

Keeps kids healthy and challenges gross motor skills through active play. Hook-and-loop fasteners make it quick and easy to set up and change games.


  • 12 bean bags
  • Game board with storage pockets and carry handle
  • Activity guide


Get your children ‘on target’ in early skills

Engage kinaesthetic learners and promote physical activity as you reinforce early numeracy and gross motor skills
Perfect for after school clubs or school fetes, schools and nurseries
Set includes 12 bean bags and flat board measures 60cm L x 50cm H

Provides four different ways to play

  • Colour
  • Number
  • Shape
  • Free Play
  • Ages 3-7

Game board measures 24”L x 19”W x 12”H.


Skill Development:

  • Math– Support beginning math skills by counting how many bean bags made it into the board. Further challenge students by having them add or subtract the tossed bean bags!
  • Gross Motor– Provides students with active play as they find balance, coordination, and foot placement to aim for and toss the bean bags underhand or overhand into the pockets on the board.
  • Sensory– The bean bags are bright in colour with large, white numerals offering high colour contrast and visual stimulation.

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