Small World People


All happy and ready to play! These are beautiful sets for imaginary play.

With flexible, poseable arms and legs, each of the figures can stand or sit.



  • Small World – Builder

Time for work!

These four builders are ready to get working on the construction site! With flexible, poseable arms and legs, each of the figures can stand or sit.

Suitably dressed in a hi-vis & hard hat.


  • Small World – Firefighter

Set of four firefighters ready to race to the rescue, put out fires, rescue cats out of trees and whatever else the imagination allows!

All happy and ready to work, the firefighters are dressed suitably ready for a day of fire fighting.


  • 1 x 4 Firefighters
  • 1 x fire extinguisher
  • 1 x megaphone
  • 1 x axe
  • 1 x breathing equipment


  • Small World – Police

Ready to race to the rescue?

The Police Set contains all the elements children need to create small world play that mimics real life.

It also encourages conversation on the emergency services and their role within the community.


  • 3 x Police officers in uniform with walkie-talkies
  • 1 x prisoner in a prison outfit.


  • Small World – Family 1 or Family 2 (different

A four piece wooden Family ready and waiting for all of the adventures little ones have in store for them!


  • 1 x Mum
  • 1 x Dad
  • 2 x Children (a Son and Daughter)


  • Small World – Farm Animals

No farm is complete without some farm animals!

There are two cows ready for milking, two sheep waiting to nibble at the grass, two pigs happy to roll around in the mud, two ducks ready to swim about in the pond and two chickens waiting to lay some eggs!

A great way to teach children about farm animals, where they live and the role that they play on the farm.


Encourages creative and imaginative play.

Develops hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills and dexterity.

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Builder, Firefighter, Police, Family 1, Family 2, Farm Animals

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