Slime Play – 50g Slime Baff


Want your very own bowl or bath of oozy, gloopy Slime?

Turn water to Slime with our super Slime Powder… feel how squishy and slimy it is!



Slime Baff safely turns your bath water into a gooey, oozy bath of biodegradable slime.

By just adding more water, the slime can be diluted into coloured water that can be easily drained away.

Perfect product for messy and multi-sensory play!


  • Non-Toxic in nature and environmentally friendly
  • Does not leave marks or stains behind
  • Can be washed with water
  • It is 100% safe on the skin
  • Doesn’t cause any irritation
  • 100% Degradable

Available in 3 different colours

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

Adult supervision required.

3+ years and above


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Blue, Green, Red

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