Sleeveless White Popper Vest

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Sleeveless White Popper Vest

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Sleeveless White Popper Vest

Soft cotton vests that keep everything in the right place, stop the embarrassment of nappies being on display, and keep your child warm and comfortable all day and through the night. They are also very helpful in preventing the habit of messing with a nappy, putting hands down a nappy or tugging nappies and their contents out of place, providing relief from a common but distressing problem.

The fabric has a hint of stretch to make it fit really well and feel really comfortable.

Rackety’s snapety’s help families with a wide range of disabilities to keep their child tucked in, warm across their back, covered up when they are lifted or hoisted and keep their nappies or pads securely in place.

If your child has tummy tubes or gastrostomy buttons, the vests also provide protection from the worry of your child pulling the button or tubes out of place, potentially preventing infection or a return to surgery.

All Rackety’s vests are made from high quality fabrics and are constructed to withstand the additional wash and wear that we know they will inevitably receive

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3-4 years, 9-10 years