Crazy Campers


Welcome to Crazy Campers, where setting up camp has never been so puzzling!

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Each campsite challenge shows you where to place the tent piece (with the visiting bear) on the camp-ground base.

Note, the campground base has a grip.

First, you must locate the tent piece correctly on the grip or you won’t be able to solve the campsite challenges.

Then simply fill in the remaining 10 pieces.

When each challenge is solved, the campground will be full with no empty spaces.

  • The Challenges:
    There are 13 Campsite challenges for the tenderfoot that locate 2 pieces to help you get started.
  • For the seasoned camper there are 23 campsite challenges that only located the tent piece.
  • If you get stuck, camping tips locating 2 additional pieces are on the back of each page. Still stumped? Don’t worry!
  • The complete solution for each campsite challenge is provided in the rear of this booklet 36 Challenges.
  • So, what are you waiting for? Pitch your tent, light the campfire and break out the marshmallows

Age: 8 to adult

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