Silly Scents


21 Mini Twistable Crayons


This pack of Crayola Silly Scents Twistables Crayons includes 21 scented crayons with mouth-watering, fruity flavours.
Create colourful art that smells delicious as it looks!

What’s more is that these crayons are twistable, simply twist the bottom of the barrel when your crayon starts to wear down.
These mini Twistables Crayons are perfect for keeping your little ones busy and are a great size for when on the go.

Scents include:

cherry, strawberry, cinnamon, banana, lime, watermelon, pine, wild berry, fruit smoothie, fresh air, fruit punch, orange, lemon, green apple, beach, blueberry, cotton candy, grape, liquorice, coconut and root beer.