Silishapes Sensory Circles


Feel with hand and foot – a lot of fun!

This feeling game promotes the personal, social and emotional development of children, strengthens their self-confidence and self-confidence.

A must-have sensory kit!

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A versatile sensory / therapy activities set that includes 5 giant colorful rubbery discs with a different unique texture and a 5-pc, made from soft flexible silicone.

Each pair of Silishapes sensory circles has matching colours and identical patterns on their surfaces (i.e. both of the green disks have a bristly texture).

Ring-shaped, striped, dotted – with closed eyes (or blindfold) you choose a small round silicone disc from the bag.

After feeling the surface with your fingers, try to find the same structure on a large floor mat with your feet.

When opening the eyes you can see if the perceived structures and colors of the circular discs are identical.


Silicone mats are non-slip and easy to clean with water or in the dishwasher.

Dimensions: Ø 8 cm, Ø 25 cm
From 3 years