Sensory Room Package


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 Everything you need for a school sensory room specially chosen to accommodate children who are both sensory seekers and sensory avoiders. 




1 Dazzle Light Up Stick

1 Galaxy Star Projector

1 Disco Glide Ball

1 Liquid Timer

1 Spectra Strobe Ball

1 Bumble Ball

1 Sensory Softplay Den

1 Electromite

1 Glow in the dark solar system

1 LED Mirage Projector

6 Lava Tiles

3 Projector Effect Wheels

1 Sensory Mood Egg


1 Bog Eyed Buggly

1 Stretchy Caterpillar

1 Tickly Tactile Ball

1 Stretchy Ring

1 Giant Nut & Bolt Fidget

1 Fidget Cube

1 Expand a Ball

Deep Pressure – Regulation

1 Weighted Lap Pad

1 Moose Masseuse

1 Body Roller


1 Mini Snuggle Seat 

1 Snuggle Roll

1 Massage 4 ball roller


1 Mini Oddballs Set 

2 Aku Ring

1 Pin Art

1 Vibrating Pillow

1 Senso Roll


1 Cool Bananas CD

1 Watefall Tube

1 Alert Program CD


1 Indoor Door Swing

1 Sit N Gym 55cm

1 Sit N Gym 35cm

1 Trampoline

1 Bug Tunnel

Sensory Defensiveness 

1 Dark Den

1 Ear Defenders


1 Aroma Dough



IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that the SENSORY DEN is 1 SQUARE METRE IN SIZE and so require Double Doors to be able to go into a room. Please ensure that there are double doors available to get this product into the room you wish it to fit. 

The Sensory Softplay Den is available to order in a choice of 7 colours





Ocean Blue

Lime Green



Please Phone Tony on 087 173 2978 if you would like to arrange viewings of our products at your school or organisation. 

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