Sensory Pod


Sensory Canoes are a soothing deep pressure sensory input tool for home, school classrooms, therapy clinics, reading corners, libraries, and other places a calming / focusing sensory tool is needed.

They’re ideal for quiet breaks to help “reset” nervous systems, preventing sensory overload, and for decreasing stress or anxiety.

Tactile, sensory, and movement seekers love the gentler rocking and calming hugging sensation they offer.


Sensory Canoe gives kids just the right amount of deep pressure for a calming hug as they sit, read or explore.

The peapod shape provides proprioceptive and tactile input to help kids manage strong emotions and unwind.

Great for therapy needs too!


Hold the handles and ‘rock the boat’ to challenge balance reactions on pretend waves.

Climb in and out to develop motor planning skills.

Supports kids with sensory processing disorder, ADHD and autism and provides soothing deep pressure while sitting, reading or socializing.


These surface-washable canoes come with an electric pump and a repair kit.


  • Regular (Size – 152 X 76 X 43 cms)
  • Jumbo   (Size – 203 X 76 X 43 cms)  – can fit 2 children or one (average-sized) teen or adult. 

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Regular, Jumbo

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