Sensational Kids Gross Motor Home Programme Kit


The Sensational Kids’ Gross Motor Kit contains a number of carefully selected activities chosen by our team of Paediatric Occupational Therapists to support the development of postural strengthening and specific motor skill development.

The Sensational Kids’ Gross Motor Home Programme and Kit is suited to children from approximately age 5 and upwards.

The programme can be adapted to suit the individual child’s level.


Sensational Kids Gross Motor Home Programme Kit

In order for a child to engage successfully in the classroom, on the playground or in sporting activities they need to have a strong, stable body. Good postural control is also important for supporting fine motor skill development.

A child needs to have strong back and tummy muscles, be able to coordinate movement patterns, use the 2 sides of their body together, have stable shoulders and be able to grade and control movement in a fluid, rhythmical way.

The Gross Motor Home Programme, which is included in the kit is a weekly programme that covers postural strengthening using 3 different approaches; postural control activities, a therapy ball programme and an alphabet based gross motor activity game.

The kit contains a 20cm ball, a 45cm therapy ball, 5 bean bags, skittles, masking tape and outdoor chalk.

This is no ordinary kit, as along with the resources, you will receive a link to video demonstrations explaining the correct use and purpose of the main exercises and activities in the kit.

These exercises are performed under the instruction of a Paediatric Occupational Therapist.

A list of other recommended gross motor activities is also provided.


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