Sensational Kids Fine Motor Home Programme Kit


The Sensational Kids’ Fine Motor Kit contains a number of carefully selected activities by our team of Paediatric Occupational Therapists to support the development of specific fine motor skills.

The Sensational Kids’ Fine Motor Home Programme and Kit is suited to children from approximately age 5 and upwards.

The programme can be adapted to suit the individual child’s level.

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Sensational Kids  Fine Motor Home Programme Kit

For a child to effectively hold and manipulate fine motor tools and use these effectively to draw, write, colour, cut, do buttons and more, there are many underlying skills that need to be in place such as:

  • Stable shoulders and wrists
  • Strength in the small muscles within the hand and fingers
  • Isolated movement of the fingers
  • An open webspace between the thumb and index finger
  • The ability to use both hands together
  • The ability to discriminate what the fingers are feeling
  • The ability to control and grade movements of the fingers
  • Endurance

The activities in the kit will support the development of these underlying skills.

The kit contains, putty, lacing activity, pegboards, a selection of balls, pencils, crayons, outdoor chalk, bat and bean bag, playing cards, a spinning top, wind-up toy, pick-up-sticks and specially created worksheets.

This is no ordinary kit, as along with the resources, you will receive a link to video demonstrations explaining the correct use and purpose of the main exercises and activities in the kit.

These exercises are performed under the instruction of a Paediatric Occupational Therapist.

The kit contains a weekly programme that you can follow along with a list of other valuable fine motor activities.



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