Sensation Ball


Ball with two small hard plastic balls inside. As they roll, the user hears them while simultaneously seeing them.


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As an added measure of fun, the inside balls act as eccentric weights making the ball roll and bounce slightly erratically and unpredictably.

Ideas for usage:
  • VISUAL TRACKING: try swirling the smaller balls inside the larger one. Allow the child to watch the balls as they move in a circular direction. Then switch directions.
  • AUDITORY STIMULATION: same as above but with focus on the sound made by the inside balls.
  • TACTILE STIMULATION: Allow the child to hold lightly onto the edges while the balls inside are swirled around feeling them bump up against their hands.
  • GRASPING: HAve the child grasp one ball while swirling the other ball. They can switch handsand/or switch ball.
  • TAG: Blinfold players with the exception of the one holding the ball. The child holding the ball then causes it to swirl and make noise while the others have to tag him. You can do variations of this with one-on-one.

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