Sensory Balls


Full of sensory delight, this soft-textured, easy-grip, easy-to catch ball is a perfect first ball for little ones.
It is definitely fun as well as therapeutic!


  • See me Sensory Ball

Physical development can be supported such as gross motor skills as the child may choose to roll, throw, kick the ball.

The bumpy texture of the ball and various ways it can be explored offer a sensory experience to children.

The ball can support children’s social and emotional development as children might engage in cooperative or group play with the ball.


  • Incredi-ball
Watch as your handprints appear in magical different colours when you touch the Incredi-ball!
The heat sensitivity means little ones will love seeing the different colours appear and disappear – teaching cause and effect whilst providing visual stimulation.
The Incredi-ball also teaches fine and gross motor skills, whilst being a magical first ball for your little one to enjoy through learning and play!
  • Glow in the Dark

Child will appreciate the nubby texture of the Sensory Ball, promoting the development of fine and gross motor skills. Massage child’s back and feet to create a soothing sensation or develop hand-eye coordination by playing catch!

This translucent, glow in the dark 18cm diameter ball is supplied fully inflated but can be re-inflated via a built-in valve if required.

Latex-free & BPA-free.



Colours vary.

Suitable from 6 months +

Comes fully inflated and can be re-inflated via built-in “basketball pin” receptacle

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See me, Glow in the Dark, Incredi-Ball

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