Scooter Board Kit


Scooter Board and Scooter Board Activities Fun Deck


Scooter board Activities Fun Deck

Activities include:

  • upper body and core strength
  • motor planning
  • visual perceptual skills
  • fine motor skills
  • sensory input.

The deck contains 54 fully illustrated activity cards divided into three colour-coded categories:

  • Supine (Back) Activities,
  • Prone (Tummy) Activities
  • Sitting and Kneeling Activities.

Each card front presents an illustration of the scooter board activity.

The card back gives the therapeutic benefits, set up materials, directions, and other tips for using the scooter board.

All in a sturdy storage tin. Cards are 5″ x 3″.


Scooter Board

A variety of activities can be done on scooter boards, they are a fun way for children or adults to exercise a.scooter board will encourage kids to develop upper and lower body strength, motor planning and and as part of a sensory diet.

Safety is key when introducing scooter boards.Grab the inside handles to protect  fingers from other scooters during use.

We recommend that you discuss with your Therapist which scooter board is most suited to your child.


300mm square