School Eaze and Sound Eaze CD




These CD’s combine vocals and rhythm with sounds that can be upsetting to many children; letting the child know what they can expect to hear in different settings.

The music and rhythm are gradually eased out until only the sounds remain. Allowing the child to adjust the volume may give the feeling that he/she is in control of the sound.

Sound-Eaze features common household and community sounds:

  • vacuum cleaner
  • hair dryer
  • siren
  • thunder
  • baby crying
  • toilet flushing
  • fire alarm
  • and more.

School-Eaze is a collection of common sounds heard at school and in the community:

  • fire drill
  • cafeteria
  • school bell
  • gym class
  • bus ride
  • classroom
  • hallway noises
  • restaurant,
  • party
  • more!

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