Rhymo Dominoes


Based on classic dominoes, but uses rhyming pairs instead of matching numbers.


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Mix it up with a fun twist on traditional dominoes, inspired by original versions from the 1950s.

Instead of numbers, players match pairs of rhyming words – such as ‘cat’ and ‘rat’, ‘rock’ and ‘clock’ – to link tiles.

Each domino has a labelled illustration at each end that players must match to another piece that rhymes.

For example, a cat on one domino would match up to a rat on another.

Aside from that, it plays very similar to a regular game of dominoes. The set includes 24 domino tiles as well as two four-way crossroad pieces.

  • Box of dominoes
  • Players match rhyming pairs
  • 24 domino tiles
  • Two four-way crossroad pieces
  • For two or more players
  • Box 16.5cm

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