Really Useful ASD Transition Pack (Manual & CD)



The Really Useful pack is built around a unique resource for schools – The Provision Record 

At the heart of the Pack are five case studies presented as completed Provision Records. Each represents a different presentation of Autism Spectrum Disorder and the specific adjustments required to include the student successfully.

Using snippets of practice-based theory the authors provide an overview of considerations as diverse as sensory sensitivities and their impact on the school day, how interactions in the playground might be handled and whether the pupil is allowed to eat separately, as well as teaching and learning issues.

Included in the resource are a series of brief, teacher-friendly discussion-points on managing children on the autism spectrum. These include:

  • How and when to help the child socialise
  • The perception and reality of ‘bad’ behaviour
  • Managing change
  • Using humour with children on the spectrum
  • The occurrence of different behaviour at home and school

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