Popper Monster’s Magical Rainbow Lunch Adventure


Learn the colours of the rainbow in this magical, sensory adventure for little readers with interactive rhyming text and fun repetition to read aloud.

Listen to the murmur grumble mumble of Popper Monster’s hungry belly and meet a colourful array of friends and silly food with every swish swash of Popper Monster’s magic stick.

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  • Rhyming Words & Alliteration

The book is full of fun repetition and rhyming words to make the language come alive and children will delight in joining in with the rhyming patterns again and again.

This helps to promote morphemical learning which is of importance to all young children, particularly for children with additional needs.

  • Stimulates Sense

The alliteration, lyrical phrasing and sensory flow of the words also feed into the musical learning ability of children.

A learning ability which is often a great strength in children with additional needs helping them to engage with and understand the world around them.

The vibrant illustrations and playful layout throughout the book enhance visual learning, a style of learning fundamental for all young children and in particular children with additional needs.

Children are also encouraged to listen to the murmur grumble mumble of Popper Monster’s hungry belly throughout the book allowing them to connect the sensations and sounds that their own tummies make when they experience hunger.

  • Interactive

The playful interaction between the reader and Popper Monster as they ask what colour will be eaten next allows children to engage in the world of imaginative play, an area universally loved by all children.

Often an area that children with additional needs, particularly those on the Autism Spectrum can find difficult.

The Popper Monster and the swish swash of the magical stick can be the link to help children engage with their pretend play skills in a comfortable and fun way.



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