Physio Activity Roll 55cm Transparent


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These small balls, together with the product transparency, provide an amplified three-dimensional view. This tool is particularly recommended to foster eye mobility. It is used for physio-therapy exercises and for play activities.

The small colored balls inside move freely when the roll is rolled or bounced.

Recommended for the use in therapy to promote three dimensional sight and co-ordination

Warning! In case of puncture the ball bursts. Please make sure that the ball is used on a surface free from pointed objects.

Warning! For body weight exercise only. Lifting weights while using the product may cause injuries to the user.

  • Recommended weight: max. 120 kg – 270 lbs / Tested load capacity: max. 300 kg – 660 lbs.
  • Please be aware we cannot accept exchanges for items that have been pumped up.

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