PHSE Programme For Learners With Autistic Spectrum Disorders


A highly visual full colour modular resource that offers a comprehensive PHSE (SPHE) programme to help learners develop understanding of self and others in social situations.


Learners with ASD typically struggle to understand the myriad of social rules that inform our social practice and daily interactions with others. This complete PHSE Programme is aimed at learners at the more able end of the autistic spectrum who will benefit from having a programme of social skills taught to them in a concrete and meaningful way.

Ten modules of learning link together to help the learner develop understanding of self and others in social situations:

  1. Me and My Appearance
  2. Me and My Personality
  3. Me and My Body
  4. Me and My Emotions
  5. Me and My Behaviour
  6. Me and My Relationships
  7. Me and Sexual Expression
  8. Me Staying Safe and Healthy
  9. (a): Me and Others – Differences / 9. (b): Me and Others – Autism
  10. Me and My Life Skills

Each module has an introduction, clearly defined learning objectives and suggested resource list to aid teaching.


  • Full colour worksheets with concrete use of language and visual imagery can be reproduced for each learner to work with
  • Over 1000 quality colour photos used to aid processing of information more effectively
  • The structure of the programme helps the learner to make connections between pieces of learning to help with conceptualisation of ‘self’ and ‘others’
  • Resource appendices give guidance relating to the impairments of the autistic condition, references & resources and curriculum frameworks (UK).