No Worries CD & Booklet. Songs for Sensory Modulation


No Worries by Gen Jereb, Occupational Therapist, provides teachers, therapists and parents with songs, rhythms, and activities to support attention, learning and self-regulation in the child.

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In addition to her talents as an occupational therapist, Genevieve is an accomplished singer-songwriter. No Worries provided her with the opportunity to combine her passion for treating children with her passion for music. The result is a creative collection of songs for sensory modulation. The songs are meant to empower children and give them ownership of their sensory modulation and self-regulation needs. The songs are also meant to provide therapists, teachers and parents with ideas for how to structure a child’s day and implement easy but powerful opportunites for sustaining focused attention, organised movement and effective interaction.

The CD is organised into different “therapeutic” categories, including songs for Arousal, Routines, Transitions, Postural Organisation and Oral/Respiratory Needs. The CD booklet contains the words to the songs and describes the intended actions to the words. The CD booklet also gives general principles of sensory modulation and entrainment and explains the therapeutic rationale behind what seem to be free-spirited children’s songs.

This set includes a CD and 24 page booklet. This is one of our favourties here at Sensational Kids! We love it.


  • Jello all over me
  • Make the Milk Shake
  • C’mon Everybody (The “No Worries” Rock)
  • A-La La-La La-La La-Le Luia
  • Irish Medley
  • Now it’s time to start the day
  • Shake my blues away
  • You’ve got to push when the music says push
  • The brushing song
  • I am the magician
  • The mouth song
  • I love to sing my sounds
  • Hey ain’t that funky now!
  • The ants go marching in
  • Underwear Pants Socks
  • Shoes and socks
  • Off to school
  • We are the musos
  • When you come into the room
  • The library
  • Now it’s time to leave the room
  • All Done
  • Old Friend I & II
  • Drumming

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