My Friend Tommy Has a Daddy and a Mommy


My Friend Tommy Has a Daddy and a Mommy explains to children in an entertainingly poetic format that they are loved by both parents although there may only be one parent present in the home.

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While many of us grew up in a home with siblings and two loving parents, there are those, particularly in today s society, who grow up in single-parent homes.

Charlie is a young boy being raised in a single-parent home who has questions about why his father does not live with him.

His mother lovingly does the best she can to put his mind at ease by showing him he has an entire family that cares about him.


“I read the book to my grandsons and they asked me to read it again. They thought it was a happy story and I think so too. The book is still on my coffee table and my grandson, due to come in the door any minute, will go straight to the book and ask me to read it to him. We love it. Thank you for putting such an important message into such sweet words.”Candida Whitaker Brown