TTTM’s Moon Chair is made from the highest quality parachute fabric (100% nylon). Safe and secure, its reinforced parachute fabric is triple stitched, with taped seams and stainless steel rings for optimal safety.

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The hanging chair:
foldable, easy to transport hanging chair that replaces a high chair when traveling or camping.

Strong and durably built using aluminum bars and stainless steel rings, the hanging chair is both lightweight and comfortable.

The adjustable seating angle makes it the ideal place for a quick break or the occasional nap.
Parachute nylon for comfort and safety

Solidity and durability
Quick installation

Choose your size:
Moonchair is available in two sizes:

  • Mini for your children
  • standard with footrest for adults

Product Features  (Child):

High quality parachute nylon
aluminum frame
dimensions of the bag: 60 cm x 10 cm
Weight: 1000 g
maximum static load: 60 kg
∅ 5 mm nautical rope suspension – L: 2.5 m
10-year warranty.

Product Features  (Adult):

High quality parachute silk nylon
aluminum spreader tubing
stainless steel angle adjustment rings
dimensions of the bag: 98 cm x 15 cm
Weight: 1700 g
Maximum static load: 120 kg
suspension: ∅ 5 mm nautical rope – length of 2.5 m
10-year warranty.


Quick installation

To install the Moonchair is easy:

  • remove the chair from its carrying bag
  • take the rope and wrap it around a beam or branch
  • pass the end of the rope through the loop
  • hook in the carabiner above the desired knot
  • make sure the top-bar rests on the two adjustment rings

The chair is now ready for use!

Additional information

Weight 0.3000 lbs

Child, Adult


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