Mini Multiplication Rainbow Card


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Mini Rainbows measuring 14 x 7 cm. These have proved hugely popular, and now on the reverse side there is a blank laminated area which can be used as a mental maths ‘show the answer’ card.The card displays multiplication tables answers so that one can see the patterns in both directions.

Dry-wipe surface – both sides. Reverse side allows answer completion.

Use as a memory aid.


5 out of 5 stars By catherine phelan, primary ast

I use the mini rainbow cards a lot with my class – really good for supporting children, especially when we are counting on the counting stick and practising out x tables!
5 out of 5 stars By Caitlin McKenzie

We have used your rainbow multiplications with great success. One pupil who is dyslexic loves the visual way of seeing the tables and says she remembers the colours when trying to do mental
5 out of 5 stars By Mrs Ferrie

The Multiplication arch has proved invaluable working with some of our SEN children, its bright colourful rainbow makes the children take interest and the blank side allows for plenty of practice.

TA and Specialist Teacher at a mainstream primary school with a resource unit for physically challenged children



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