Managing Family Meltdown


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This book offers practical, long-term and effective strategies to help resolve common challenging behaviours using a low arousal approach – a non-aversive approach based on avoiding confrontation and reducing stress and anxiety.

Managing Family Meltdown provides explanations for challenging behaviours, and offers a wealth of guidance on how families can manage different types of challenging behaviour, such as physical aggression and self-injury.

The authors explore the difference between managing and changing behaviour; how our own behaviour can influence the situation; and show how by reducing stress and anxiety children are better able to process information becoming less likely to react in challenging ways. The pros and cons of medication and ways to look after your own health are also discussed.

This hands-on, practical book is appropriate for children who are non-verbal, as well as those with higher functioning autism and will be indispensable for families, carers and anyone involved with children on the autism spectrum.

‘…books such as this are long overdue in the marketplace. It is my hope that many family members will not only read this material but hopefully support others in the process… If this book empowers only a handful of families to manage these situations more positively then it will have achieved a great deal’
– From the Foreword by Andrew McDonnell, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Director of Studio III Training Systems

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