Magnetic Wooden Letters



When children have the opportunity to touch and feel the letter shapes they are learning, mastery becomes that much easier. 

Children can feel the difference between the single “bump” of a D versus the double of a B, and touch the curve of a C versus the straight lines of an L.

A full complement of upper- and lowercase letters and all the numbers lets children compare, contrast, and examine each character in a multisensory way.

Having individual pieces also opens the door for countless sequencing activities, whether placing the digits in alphabetical or numerical order, translating an uppercase letter sequence to its lowercase equivalent, or spelling simple words.

With pieces that make it easy to try and change different arrangements, this set offers a low-stress way to approach pre-writing skills.

52 magnetic upper case and lower case letters make a colourful jumble of possibilities in their handy wooden case.

  • Bright colors to aid visual discrimination and sorting.
  • Sturdy wooden storage boxes with see-through lids
  • Includes upper and lower case letters

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