Magnetic Rings


Our Stress Relief Magnetic Ring is a multi-purpose, anti-stress gadget that lets you spin them around your fingers in fascinating ways. With a multi-directional spin, they become a freestyle spinner with multiple tricks and ways to use them.

Besides relieving anxiety and pressure, these magnetic fidget rings are also perfect for the ones who have difficulty in paying attention, including adults and children who have neurological disorders such as ADHD or autism, which help them to be more focused in study and work.




Addictive fiddle toy that moves in a cool and quirky manner.

Magnetic Rings click together, then spin and orbit around each other based on a few quick finger movements.

With a little practice, some very impressive tricks and feats are possible.

Each pack includes three rings in a single colour, but these can be swapped, mixed and matched to create colourful combos of multiple rings.

Simply spin them, whirl them, do tricks, stick them to surfaces, play games with friends!

Just enjoy the way of calming nerves, while improving your skill and dexterity.

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3 Rings, 6 Rings, 9 Rings