Latches Barn


Unhook the latches to open the barn doors and see who is inside, then close the doors and buckle up the barn again!

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Includes six brass-hinged doors with working latches and locks along with four flocked farm animals.

This beautifully-crafted barn is full of life, home to a cow, a pig, a goat and a horse!

The flocked animals are approximately 3 inches tall and ready to roam the farm. Unlock the brass latches to open the six barn doors and reveal the illustrations inside, and buckle them up again when you’re done.

The brass handle on top means you can carry your barn anywhere.

Skill Building:

  • As children open and close the brass latches to open and close the barn doors, they will develop fine motor skills. The farm animal figures and illustrations encourage imaginative play as children make up stories about the farm
  • Learn to recognize colour as well as animals
  • Encourages creative play

Great for fine motor development

12.5 x 9.5 x 9″

Age: 3+

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