Lacing beads in a box


Box of Wooden Lacing Beads by Melissa and Doug.

Featuring 27 hand-painted quality wooden beads and two extra long pieces of string.

Beads are brightly coloured and feature various shapes and numbers.

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You can count on this wooden bead set to make a bold statement!

The variety of these dramatic bead shapes, their bold colours and two extra-long laces make stringing beads extra special.

Twenty-seven hand-painted beads feature 1 – 10 as numerals and as countable dots to add counting fun to this lacing activity.

This particular activity is great as it can be used for children of various ages and skill development stages.

For the younger child, sorting the beads by colour or shape and building block towers with the cube beads are valuable activities to promote task organisation, matching and basic concept development (shape and colour). The beads could also be used as counters for entry level addition and subtraction.

For the slightly more skilled child, threading the beads onto the string supports the development of a number of other skills:

  • Using both hands together (bilateral integration)
  • Refined eye-hand coordination
  • Refined pincer grasp
  • In hand manipulation
  • Fine motor planning
  • Creativity – if they are encouraged to create their own designs or patterns with the beads.
  • Copying and sequencing skills – if they choose to follow the designs on the pattern cards


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