Jumbo Pallina


Get ready for some family fun with this quirky bamboo game.

Simple enough for young kiddos to play, yet strategic enough for big kids and adults alike, the whole family will have a blast.

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The Jumbo Pallina is fun for both youngsters and older ones.

Kids will learn how to strategize and problem solve as they carefully pull sticks from the bamboo basket.

Play solo and count how many sticks you can pull out before the balls tumble down, play with friends and see who makes the balls fall when it’s their turn, or create your own way to play.

The Pallina Game set comes with :

  • 1 purple felt mat,
  • 1 bamboo basket,
  • 16 wooden balls,
  • 20 bamboo sticks.

The bamboo material is sourced from environmentally sustainable rainforests.

Spice up game night, grab a pal, and get ready for an adventurous game of Pallina.

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