Jigsaw with Book: On the Farm


This delightful pack contains a 100-piece jigsaw of a lively farm scene for children to assemble, as well as a 24-page picture puzzle book teeming with animals and objects that can be found on a farm.

There is also a black and white version of the jigsaw picture for children to fill in with their own pens.

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A vibrantly illustrated 100-piece jigsaw showing a busy farmyard, plus a 24-page picture puzzle book presented together in a colourful sturdy box.

The jigsaw measures 59 x 40cm and both the jigsaw and puzzle book are packed with things to spot and talk about.

Can you spot a cow wearing a bell, five foxes, a plastic duck and lots more?

Book Information

Age 5+
Extent: 24 pages

10 reasons why jigsaw puzzles are fantastic:

1. Fine motor development

Jigsaw puzzles help to develop and refine a child’s fine motor skills.  In order to play with a jigsaw puzzle, children need to pick up, pinch and hold pieces, move them around and manipulate them into the correct slots.

2. Hand and eye coordination

Playing with jigsaws requires trial and error. If a piece doesn’t fit, a child must put it down and try another one. This is all fantastic practice for developing a child’s hand and eye coordination.

3.Problem solving and logical reasoning 

4. Spatial awareness

5. Cognitive skills

6. Improved memory and attention span

7. Self esteem 

8. Teamwork 

9. Meditative benefits

10. Last, but not least – It’s FUN!

Children of all ages love jigsaw puzzles. As do adults. Don’t just reserve jigsaw puzzles for rainy days, enjoy them together at any time and reap the benefits. A puzzle keeps the whole family entertained for hours on end. Browse Usborne jigsaw puzzles – there’s something for children of every age.